Thursday, February 13, 2014

Goodbye Columbus ch 2

Parallel: On page 14 and 15 Neil is referred to as being like Brenda's slave / servant. "The next day I held Brenda's glasses for her once again, this time not as momentary servant" Neil says this as if he had previously been one for her and that she has authority over him. When he asks his cousin Doris to hold Brenda's sunglasses, she snarkily replies "I'm not her slave" as if that was his role.
Contrast: Brenda's family appears to have no big issues or problems but in Brenda's eyes she says " I think every conversation I've ever had has always wound up about my parents and how awful it is, it's. universal. The only trouble is they don't know it " meanwhile the family is happily playing tennis(26).
-sun glasses
-pool chairs
-milk silverware vs.meat silverware ~ the only reason that anyone would get ,mad about these two things mixing, or even having separate silverware, would be that they keep kosher, therefor implying that they are Jewish. It's interesting too because they are not open about it at all.
Class consciousness: while Neil is eating dinner with Brenda's family, he feels out of place in a way I would describe as being a little kid sitting at the adult table for the first time during thanksgiving. Page 22, " I felt for quite a while as though four inches from my height, and for good measure, someone had removed my ribs and my chest had settled meekly in towards my back.

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  1. Some good thoughts in these early chapters. Newark is not quite Skokie, however.

    Where are Chapters 3-8?!