Sunday, September 29, 2013

Minority report still evaluation

In this scene, Witwer has completely figured out Lamar Burgesses' secret and backstory in regarding the murder of Ann Lively. He understands his motif and how he took advantage of the system he created- therefore finding more flaw in the "pre-crime" program: which is known as a perfect program free of flaws. Lamar is threatened by him having this knowledge so he shoots him right there. Witwer falls down against the wall and we see the blood spreading throughout his white shirt. The red here in this shot is a very dramatic contrast because the rest of the scene is in all gray-scale and sepia blue tones. This is a low, medium shot, which is shot in an "over the shoulder" type of perspective but it is really through the legs of Lamar. We see Witwer looking up at lamar in a very peculiar way, the fact that we see him looking up at him demonstrates Lamar having the power over him here and he's looking up at him with this expression on his face that to me can be described in no other way than "why?". I imagine Witwer would say something along the lines of "How could you do this?" or "Pre-Crime is corrupted because of you".

Monday, September 2, 2013

interesting contemporary dance piece done by the legend martha graham (in 1944?) interpretation of Oedipus Rex done very well- the mise-en-scene with the music accurately matches with the disturbing nature of the story

Last 10 movies

1. Moulin rouge ( aka my favorite movie of all time watched 400 times on my computer)
2. Schindlers List (tv)
3.Dispicable Me 2 (theatre)
4. This is the End (theatre)
5. Final Destination (tv)
6. Casino (tv)
7. Silence of the Lambs (dvd)
8. She's all that (dvd)
9. Across the Universe (dvd)
10.  Charlie st. Cloud (tv)